Jonathan E. Greenwood

Dr. Jonathan E. Greenwood
Associated Postdoctoral Researcher (Former GLOBECOSAL Postdoc)

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Jon Greenwood completed his B.A. and M.A. at Carleton University, which was followed by a second M.A. and a doctorate at Johns Hopkins University. Before coming to the University of Zurich, he held positions at the European University Institute, McGill University, and the University of Rochester. He has published articles in the Journal of Global History, Word & Image, Hispania Sacra, and other venues. His monograph titled Miracles in the Hispanic World is currently being revised. It examines the material and information pathways centered on the miracles of Jesuit founder, Ignatius of Loyola (c. 1491-1556) as part of his transoceanic cult. Other publications are forthcoming and in various stages of development.

Research Project